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CONDTROL Exit Point — drill point locator

Vendor code: 3-12-024

Warranty: 36 months

User manual

Exit Pоint CONDTROL is a drill point locator, consisting of a transmitter and a receiver. It allows to precisely localize a hole entry or exit point before drilling in walls/floors/ceilings as well as to determine the thickness of walls/floors/ceilings for quick selection of a suitable drill bit.

Wide range of thickness measurement

Exit Pоint can be used for objects with 300 –1200 mm thickness. It is possible to project the hole through the walls and through the floor or ceiling.

Measurement of wall thickness

Color indication is displayed on the receiver while searching for the exit point. Each color is equivalent to 300 mm. Thus, the device determines the approximate thickness of the wall, which helps to select the drill bit of required length.

Optional functions

The transmitter can be used separately as a metal detector, giving the opportunity to avoid unpleasant consequences associated with the damage of hidden engineering networks or bumping into the steel bar.
Standard package: transmitter, receiver, adhesive paste, batteries, hard case, user manual.


  • Maximum scanning depth:
  • metal100 mm;
  • Battery 2x9V 6F22/6LR61
  • Storage temperature 10-50 C
  • Operating temperature 10-50 C
  • Dimensions Transmitter-Receiver/80x120x26mm-60x198x32mm
  • Weight Transmitter-Receiver/142g-190g