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CONDTROL Smart Staff - telescopic leveling pole

Vendor code: 2-16-018

Warranty: 24 months

CONDTROL Smart Staff is a telescopic rod designed for working with laser levels to perform precise marking.
Use CONDTROL Smart Staff and don’t worry about position of the laser level. Thanks to the movable block, you can quickly determine the height difference and avoid mistakes.
Telescopic rod CONDTROL Smart Staff makes marking easier, accuracy higher and serves as an excellent complement to the laser levels.

Millimeter scale with two sections

CONDTROL Smart Staff consists of two sections: the lower section shows the height to mark “0”, and the upper section (negative red), is made for measurement of difference in elevation relative to the base point.
The maximum height of the CONDTROL Smart Staff is 240 cm.

Moving block

Telescopic rod CONDTROL Smart Staff has a moving block, where you can fix to fix electronic laser receiver. Thanks to this block, the user can set assumed horizontal and note height differences.

Operation principle

The moving block should be set in such a way, so that assumed zero point coincides with the zero point on the leveling rod. When the laser level is on, the lower section of the rod should be extended until the laser beam reached "0" on the rod. This is the first point.
To get the second point, transfer the rod in the right place. The number on the rod which will coincide with the horizontal beam will indicate the difference between the first and second points.

Bubble level

The CONDTROL Smart Staff is equipped with a bubble level giving a possibility to align the rod vertically.
Telescopic wear proof structure. Leveling rod CONDTROL Smart Staff is made of a robust aluminum shape. The pouch included in the delivery package makes transportation comfortable and protects the rod from dust and scratches.

● mobile bracket;
● bubble level for high accuracy;
● makes marking during construction work easier;
● saves time and increases accuracy;
● Aluminum alloy housing.
CONDTROL Smart Staff is useful in construction and geodetic works, as well as in-house repair works.
CONDTROL Smart Staff is an excellent choice for those who want to save time on the layout and increase the accuracy of measurements while working outdoors.
Delivery package: leveling rod, pouch