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Vendor code: 2-17-199

Warranty: 24 months

User manual

Here is our innovative product — universal laser line receiver ULR CONDTROL.  It is designed for operation with cross line lasers equipped with pulse mode. Multi-frequency laser receiver can be used with any cross line lasers.

Color doesn’t matter!

During outdoor works, experienced builders often face the fact that the marking lines become hardly visible in bright sunlight. In order to work in such difficult conditions, it is necessary to use a laser receiver suitable for different type of laser (red or green). In this case, ULR CONDTROL stands out from the analogs being universal.  It can work both with red and green laser.

Accurate, easy-to-use, reliable

ULR CONDTROL increases the working range of cross line lasers significantly.  The readings are displayed on the target scale on the rear side as well as indicated by LEDs on the front side.  Thanks to 2 work surfaces , this laser receiver is perfect for both indoor and outdoor works. Bubble level, which in inbuilt into the housing, allows to monitor verticality of the staff. There is a magnet in the upper side of the receiver, which helps to fix the receiver on ceiling profile or vertical structure for fast and convenient adjustment of cross line laser.

Delivery package: laser receiver – 1 pc, mount for fixing on a staff – 1 pc, batteries (1.5В ААА LR03) – 2 pcs., user manual – 1 pc.


  • Wavelength 500 – 700 nm
  • Accuracy +1 mm/10 m
  • Operating frequency 5…10 KHz
  • Working range 0.1-100 m
  • Battery 1.5V AAA LR03 alkaline
  • Operating temperature -10°С…+50℃
  • Storage temperature -10°С…+50℃
  • Dimensions 100×62×18 mm
  • Weight 120 g (with batteries)