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Vendor code: 7-1-033

Warranty: 24 months

User manual

X-actRoto is a high-precision laser receiver for rotary lasers by CONDTROL. It measures distance between the laser beam and the mark point with a millimeter accuracy and displays the value on a digital scale.

Double sided LCD allows to define deviation from the laser line on both sides of the housing, so the user can catch the laser line in front of the receiver or behind it.

LEDs indicate deviation of the receiver from the zero mark. There is also an audio indication of the position of the laser beam.

There are 3 options of accuracy (1 mm, 2.5 mm and 5 mm) that the user can choose, which depends on the distance to the laser level.

High protection rate IP65 ensures reliable operation in any working conditions.

9V battery guarantees continuous work for 30 hours.

Mounting options:

1)      Built-in magnets for fixing on metal surface.

2)      Clamp for fixing on a leveling staff (included in the delivery package).

Standard package: laser receiver, clamp for laser receiver, battery 9V, user manual.


  • Accuracy ±1mm/50m
  • Operating frequency 300 m
  • Battery 1 x 9V
  • Operating temperature - 20℃…+50℃
  • Storage temperature - 30℃…+60℃
  • Dimensions 165×75×38mm
  • Weight 0.37 kg (with battery)