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Vendor code: 7-1-999

Warranty: 24 months

User manual


Here’s an easy-to-use measuring tool – digital staff Digi Staff CONDTROL. This device is indispensable for road mending, landscape design, surveying operations, topographic works, low-rise and high-rise buildings construction works.


• Length: 3 m

• Memory

• 5 measuring units

• Rod post 10 cm

• Wear resistant keypad.


Easy-to-use tool

Digi Staff makes it easier to take measurements. Just install it in desired position, pull out the sections to required length and make measurements. Measuring result appears on the LCD immediately.

When working with rotary laser, Digi Staff can calculate height difference relatively to control points and indicate whether the user should fill the ground or cut the ground.  Automatic shutdown allows to save battery power. The staff will switch off automatically 5 minutes after the last operation.

User-friendly interface

The staff is controlled by 6 buttons, where each button is responsible for these or that function. Button “Zero” allows to set new reference points. The button “Hold” serves to hold measuring result on the display. Measuring results can be saved in memory. Thanks to this function, the user can measure length of telescopic element sin hard-to-reach or uneven areas.


Measuring units

Digital staff Digi Staff has an optimal range of metric measuring units. Thanks to “Unit” function the user can select inch, feet, fractions and centimeters.

Accuracy, stability, robustness

Digital staff Digi Staff is equipped with a 10cm supporting pole which makes it more steady.

Bubble level allows to check the level of the instrument and ensures accurate alignment. Control panel is made of wear resistant silicone. Unlike foil keypad, silicone one doesn’t unglue at frequent use and doesn’t crack in cold weather.


Use Digi Staff to speed up the work that requires high accuracy.


  • Minimal height 1.30 m
  • Maximal height 3.00 m
  • Battery 4 X AA 1.5V (alkaline)
  • Operating temperature -10°С …50°С
  • Storage temperature -10°С …50°С
  • Dimensions 40х1300х75 mm
  • Weight 1.652 kg