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CONDTROL HD 200 — elevating tripod

Vendor code: 2-17-556

Warranty: 24 Month

Elevating tripod HD 200

HD 200 is a solid heavyweight tripod for rotary lasers. Thanks to it you will significantly increase the quality and efficiency of works that require high accuracy of marking and measurements.

Advantages of the HD 200 tripod:

• Working height 103-200 cm;
• Measuring scale;
• Elevating head;
• Rotating platform;
• Steady telescopic legs with protective caps;
• Clamps for fast adjustment of the height of the legs.


Maximal stability and strong fixing

Using heavyweight HD200 tripod will help you avoid vibration, fluctuation and inclination of a measuring instrument. Solid stopping chains and mounting clips with strong clamp provide fixation of the telescopic legs.

Protection from slipping and scratches

There are metal spikes on the legs of HD200. They help to set the tripod on solid surface, such as asphalt, concrete or wooden site area as well as soft ground (sand, soil). Caps made of hard rubber protect the floor from scratches (for indoor works).

Elevating head

Tripod HD200 will help you adjust the height position of the measuring tool fast and accurately. Elevating head and measuring scale will let you set required height. Notches on a tripod section provide smooth lifting and lowering of the tool.

Rotating platform

One of significant advantages of HD200 is a rotating platform. No need to reset a laser level on a tripod manually. You can work around the whole area without changing the position of the tool.

The HD200 tripod is a reliable and easy-to-use accessory, which will be appreciated by specialists in construction, repair, design and surveying.


  • Minimal height 103 cm
  • Maximal height 200 cm
  • Thread for mounting on a tripod 5/8´´
  • Dimensions 170x1110 mm
  • Weight 5.2 kg