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Tripod GEO XL Lite

Vendor code: 7-2-098

Warranty: 24 months


Robust and easy to use tripod GEO XL Lite is designed for installation of measuring instruments at height 3.4 m. This universal extension type tool can be used at both indoor and outdoor construction sites. GEO XL Lite will improve effectiveness of work in surveying, construction and repair work, landscape design. With this tripod the user can perform tasks related to marking and measurements quickly and accurately.

Advantages of GEO XL Lite

• Working height 1,25-3,4 m.

• Measuring scale.

• Steady telescopic legs

• Elevating head

• Rotating platform.

гео прозрачный.png

Maximal strength

Even minimal deviation can lead to distortion of measurement results or alignment.

To prevent such situations, telescopic legs of GEO XL Lite are equipped with stopping chains.

Indoors and outdoors

There are metal spikes on the legs of the GEO XL Lite. They help to set the tripod on solid surface, such as asphalt, concrete or wooden site area as well as soft ground (sand, soil). Caps made of hard rubber protect the floor from scratches (for indoor works).


Elevating head

Tripod GEO XL Lite is equipped with a mechanism which allows to adjust the height position of the measuring tool.  Elevating head helps to make quick measurements and speed up the working process. Notches on a tripod section provide smooth lifting and lowering of the tool. Thanks to measuring scale, the user can set required height.

Safe fixing

The legs of the tripod are equipped with strong clips, which, compared to screws and nuts, are fixed quickly and easily.


Rotating platform

One of significant advantages of GEO XL Lite is a rotating platform. No need to reset a laser level on a tripod manually. You can work around the whole area without changing the position of the tool.

If the accuracy of measurements and quality of works are important to you, consider GEO XL Lite! This reliable and easy-to-use tripod will become your irreplaceable assistant.



  • Minimal height 1,25 m
  • Maximal height 3,4 m