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CONDTROL Omniliner 3D - laser level

Vendor code: 1-2-129

Warranty: 36 months

User manual


Meet the updated CONDTROL Omniliner 3D.

Unlike the previous version, it has 2 high-capacity rechargeable batteries (5200mAh) and additional mounting solution. Omniliner 3D belongs to professional laser levels.

It will occupy a proper place in the range of tools owned by the specialist involved in repair, design and building works.

One step ahead of the competitors: unique technical solution

CONDTROL Omniliner 3D is one of the best laser levels on the market.

Thanks to innovative solutions implemented in this laser level, the updated version compares favorably with similar products from other suppliers. As a rule, laser modules are placed on the front and lateral sides of the housing. In Omniliner 3D they are placed at chamfered corner to each other, which makes it possible to install the laser level in the corner as close to the wall as it is possible. Such technical solution expands the possibilities of using the laser level, reduces consumption of materials significantly and saves time associated with leveling of surfaces (for example, applying plaster, putty on the wall).

Technical solutions implemented in Omniliner 3D are protected by the patents of the Russian Federation (No. 93896), the European Patent Organization (No. 004764603-0001) and the Patent System of China (ZL 2018 30 527 802.7).


3D marking

The laser level projects two vertical and one horizontal plane with a 360° fan angle, giving the opportunity to work with the whole perimeter of the room without changing the position of the laser level.


High protection rate

The updated version of Omniliner 3D is perfect for work on a building site. It is dust-, water- and dirt proof. The housing protection class is the highest among current standards - IP 65. A laser level with such IP protection rate is highly protected from negative factors.


Shockproof structure

Embossed rubber pads provide additional protection to the housing.

Shock resistance is ensured by modern technologies and materials used in the production of laser level CONDTROL Omniliner 3D. A frame structure protects the pendulum inside the laser level. Protective covers on laser modules are made of metal.

Wear-proof keypad

Keypad of Omniliner 3D is made of silicone. Such panel is more reliable and durable compared to membrane which wears out and unglues in the course of time. Unlike membrane, silicone is resistant to cold and water. It is easy to press the buttons, they respond to a click smoothly, even if the user is wearing gloves.


Mounting solutions

There are 2 types of thread for mounting the laser level on tripod - 5,8’’ and 1,4’’.

The hole for mounting on a screw or nail allows to fix the laser level on a wall, timber, metal profile.


Two batteries instead of one!

Updated Omniliner 3D is equipped with a replacing battery. If the battery becomes low, no need to wait until it is charged. Just use replacing battery and keep working.


Higher battery capacity

Previous version of the laser level was equipped with a rechargeable battery with a 4500mAh capacity. Although at this point Omniliner 3D is ahead of similar products of most competitors, CONDTROL decided to improve the batteries delivered with the laser level. Capacity of batteries has been increase to 5200mAh. Batteries can be charged separately from the laser level.

Easy to use

Just install the laser level, adjust the position of the laser planes and you start marking. Keep pressing the power button to select required combination of projected vertical and horizontal planes.


Projection of inclined planes

It pays to buy Omniliner 3D for installation of stair railings, decoration of walls, and other works that require projection of lines at any angle. Lock the compensator to activate inclined planes mode.

Indispensable tool

CONDTROL Omniliner 3D laser level is designed for a wide range of construction, finishing and repair works:

• Smoothing of the walls’ surface and corners inside and outside of the object;

• Marking for installation of suspended ceilings, partitions;

• Projection of lines and corners for installation of decorative and interior elements, including those located in opposite side of the room;

• Define the contour of door and window openings;

• Installation of bulk floor, concrete screed;

• Installation of wires, supply lines, doors, windows, etc.


Delivery package: laser level, Li-ion battery 2 pcs., charger, bag, user manual.


  • Working Range/with receiver 50 m/100 m
  • Leveling accuracy ±0,2 mm/m
  • Self-leveling range ± 4°
  • IP protection rate IP65
  • Thread for mounting on a tripod 1/4’’, 5/8’’
  • Laser Class II 635 nm < 1 mW
  • Battery 3.7V 5200 mAh Li-ion
  • Battery life >10 hours
  • Operating temperature -10°C ... +50°C
  • Storage temperature -20°C ... +70°C
  • Dimensions 140х138х110 mm
  • Weight ohne without battery 660g/with battery 774 g