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CONDTROL Omniliner G3D - laser level

Vendor code: 1-2-139

Warranty: 36 months

User manual


CONDTROL Omniliner G3D is a multifunctional laser level with a 360° fan angle. Innovative changes made this home-grown laser level much better!

Quality is beyond competition: advantages of Omniliner G3D

Laser level Omniliner G3D is one of the best in its segment:

• Two high-capacity rechargeable batteries (5200 mAh) provide continuous operation

• Laser emitters generate green beams that are four times brighter than the red for a human eye.

• High class of dust and moisture resistance protects the laser level from water and small particles. Shockproof housing protects the laser level from bumps and falls.


Save time and materials

Technical solution, implemented in Omniliner series, makes marking on difficult areas of the facility easier.

As a rule, laser modules are placed on the front and lateral sides of the housing. In Omniliner G3D they are placed in such a way, so that it is possible to install the laser level close to the walls forming a corner.

Unconventional position of laser emitters makes this laser level universal and allows to reduce consumption of materials for finishing, plastering and other works related to leveling of surfaces.

With Omniliner G3D you will save time which is another valuable resource.

Technical solutions implemented in Omniliner 3D are protected by the patents of the Russian Federation (No. 93896), the European Patent Organization (No. 004764603-0001) and the Patent System of China (ZL 2018 30 527 802.7).

3D marking

Omniliner G3D will help to perform surface finishing, interior decoration and landscape design. It will be useful for laying tiles, laying cables, installation of decorative items, including those placed on the opposite walls.


Green laser

Marking is the most important stage in design, construction and repair, on which the quality of work depends. Visibility of marking lines is very important. Before purchasing a laser level, you should pay attention to the color of the laser beam. It has been proved scientifically that the green color looks brighter than any other color. In same lighting conditions and same power of laser the light output of the green laser will be higher than that of the red one. The color of the laser beam in Omniliner G3D is green. Lines are more bright which makes marking more comfortable.

Reinforced protection

Omniliner G3D won’t fail at outdoor building area. Dust and moisture proof housing is protected from water and small particles that may get inside the laser level. The pendulum has a frame structure. Laser exit windows are protected by metal covers.

Embossed rubber inserts provide additional protection to the housing.


Silicone keypad

Keypad of Omniliner G3D is made of wear proof silicone. Compared to membrane, silicone keypad will neither crack from cold temperature nor come off or wear out in the course of time. Rubber buttons are easy to press. They respond to every click smoothly, even if the user is wearing gloves.

Additional mounting solution

In order to expand the possibilities of using the laser level, apart from two types of tripod thread (1/4 ’’ and 5/8 ’’) updated Omniliner G3D has a hole for mounting it on a screw or nail.


Larger battery capacity

Long battery life and 2 rechargeable batteries is another significant advantage of Omniliner G3D over similar products of the competitors. previous version of this laser level had a battery with capacity 4500 mAh. In new version of Omniliner G3D capacity is increased to 5200 mAh. Omniliner G3D works smoothly and longer, saving time and money. No need to take the time off to charge the battery. Use a replacing battery while another one is being charged.

Projection of inclined planes

Lock the compensator to project vertical and horizontal planes at any angle.

It pays to buy Omniliner 3D for installation of stair railings, decoration of walls, and other works that require projection of lines at any angle. Lock the compensator to activate inclined planes mode.


Pulse mode

Not only can Omniliner G3D be operated at distance 50m, declared in technical specifications. Its working range can reach 100m with laser receiver.

Laser level Omniliner G3D will be your best helper in construction, repair, design and finishing works!

Delivery package: laser level, Li-ion battery 2 pcs., charger, bag, user manual.



  • Working Range/with receiver 50 m/100 m
  • Leveling accuracy ±0,2 mm/m
  • Self-leveling range ± 4°
  • IP protection rate IP65
  • Thread for mounting on a tripod 1/4’’, 5/8’’
  • Laser Class II 520 nm < 1 mW
  • Battery 3.7V 5200 mAh Li-ion
  • Battery life >5 hours
  • Operating temperature -10°C ... +50°C
  • Storage temperature -20°C ... +70°C
  • Dimensions 140х138х110 mm
  • Weight ohne without battery 660g/with battery 774 g