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CONDTROL Xliner Combo 360G Kit

Vendor code: 1-2-412

Warranty: 36 Month

User manual

xLiner Combo 360 G_Kit_2.png

CONDTROL XLiner Combo 360 G Kit

It is a professional extended kit that includes a laser level Xliner Combo 360 G, a wall mount Wall Mount Pro, a clamp, glasses, a magnetic target, batteries, a user manual and a reliable waterproof plastic case.

CONDTROL Xliner Combo 360 G represents a new generation of laser levels with 360o horizontal line. Projection of vertical and horizontal lines, crossline and inclined planes helps to solve wide range of tasks: building of partition walls, wallpapering, tile laying, etc. Xliner Combo 360 G has got a laser plummet function. Brightness of the green laser is 4 times higher than red one, which increases the efficiency of the laser level in bright sunlight.

xLiner Combo 360 G_300x.png
xLiner 360 G blt.png

Remote control by the App

The Xliner Combo 360 G is equipped with the Bluetooth module. Install the Xliner Remote free app on your smartphone or tablet and switch the planes, control the intensity of laser emission and operate the tool remotely. It is available to download on  Google Play and  App Store.

Green laser

Xliner 360G is equipped with a 520 nm green laser, which is 4 times brighter than red one at the same power of emitter. This feature makes the laser level equally effective at both indoor and outdoor constructions sites.

0044 300х300.png

Pulse mode

For outdoor operation Xliner 360G has a pulse mode, which allows to work at distance up to 100 m using the laser receiver by CONDTROL.

High Protection rate

Shock-resistant rubberized case, high protection against moisture, dust and dirt make it possible to use Xliner 360G both indoors and at outdoor building sites at any time of the year.

2. xliner 360 G-2 белая 300ъ300.png
3. xliner 360 G-3 белая 300х300.png

Two types of thread

Thanks to two types of thread (1/4’’ and 5/8’’), Xliner 360G can be installed on all types of tripods, as well as on accessories designed for fixing laser levels.

Tilt mode

When the tilt mode is activated, self-leveling is not available, which allows to project the line at any angle specified by the user. This feature is indispensable when marking and installing staircases, corner elements of construction or decor. If you direct the emitter of the laser level down, you can project the supporting axis for laying of floor coverings, including tiles.

xLiner 360G_008.jpg
xLiner DUO 360 Kit_003_300x.png

Laser plummet

CONDTROL Xliner Combo 360 G projects laser dots that allows to transfer markings from floor to ceiling.

Variety of mounting options

CONDTROL Xliner Combo 360 G is equipped with two types of thread that allow to mount the laser level on all types of tripods and accessories:

- 5/8 ” thread for mounting on a spacer rod or tripod;
- 1/4’’ tread for mounting on a tripod or the CONDTROL accessories Krab and Wall Mount;
In addition, the laser level has a special hole for fixing it on the vertical structures with nails or screws.

xLiner DUO 360 Kit_005_300x.png
xLiner DUO 360 Kit_004_300x.png

Wide range of possibilities of the CONDTROL Xliner Combo 360 G will meet the request of the most demanding professional and will allow to spend less time when solving different tasks.

Standard package: laser level, wall mount, clamp, magnetic target, batteries (AA), user manual, plastic case.

xLiner Combo 360 G_Kit_300x.png


  • Working Range/with receiver 50 m/100 m
  • Leveling accuracy ±0,2 mm/m
  • Self-leveling range ± 3,5°
  • IP protection rate IP54
  • Thread for mounting on a tripod 1/4’’ and 5/8’’
  • Laser Class II, 520nm, < 1mW
  • Battery 4 х 1.5V LR6 alkaline (AA)
  • Operating temperature -10°C ... +50°C
  • Storage temperature -20°C ... +70°C
  • Dimensions 320x320x150 mm
  • Weight 2,5 kg