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Laser level CONDTROL Xliner Pento 360

Vendor code: 1-2-159

Warranty: 36 months

User manual


Xliner Pento 360 is a worthy representative of new generation of laser levels. 

The experts of our research and development center managed to improve functionality inherited from previous models of the Xliner series.

Professional cross line laser Pento 360 is designed for a wide range of works related to marking.

Compared to most laser levels with similar technical performance, a professional laser level Xliner Pento 360 stands out for its impeccable build quality, innovative solutions and advanced functionality.


Among many of the advantages of this novelty, the most significant for professional are:

 • Bluetooth module for remote control of the laser level using the free Xliner Remote APP on a smartphone or tablet.

• Projection of a 360° horizontal plane, two verticals (one of them is 360°) and laser dots.

• High IP rate

• Shock resistant housing and well-protected housing parts.

• Two rechargeable batteries to ensure non-stop operation of the laser level for 20 hours.

xLiner Pento 360_007.png
xLiner Pento 360_smartphone.png

Remote control by the APP

Bluetooth module makes it possible to control the laser level remotely without interruption and involving a work mate. With  a free Xliner Remote mobile APP you can switch on required laser planes at a distance, monitor the battery charge level and activate pulse mode.

No other similar laser level available on the market can boast of such useful and convenient innovative solution.

Xliner Remote is available on Ap Store and Google Play.

Enhanced protection

High build quality and wear-resistant materials ensure long life of the laser level.

Thanks to IP54 protection rate the laser level can be used in damp and dusty conditions of the construction site. The covers on the laser modules are made of metal and also protected by rubber pads. Unlike plastic, they will not break at impact or from falling. The control panel is made of silicone. Such panel is more durable than membrane and more resistant to moisture and low temperatures. Rubber buttons respond to pressing even when wearing gloves.

Anti-slip grip on the housing prevents the laser level from slipping out of hands.

xLiner Pento 360_008.png
xLiner Pento 360_mount 2.png

More mounting options

Xliner Pento 360 is equipped with 3 mounting options:

• Thread 1/4’’ for mounting on a camera tripod, accessories  CONDTROL Krab and Wall Mount;

• Thread  5/8’’ for mounting on a professional tripod and elevating pole;

• A hole in the housing for mounting on a screw/nail to fix the laser level on the wall, wood beam or a building profile.

Twice as long!

Additional battery helps to increase the operating time of Xliner Pento 360. 

Li-ion batteries are used.

They serve longer than ordinary batteries, have a large energy resource and do not require regular replacement. Strong batteries with capacity 2600mAh provide continuous operation for up to 20 hours (the life of 1 battery is over 8 hours).

xLiner Pento acc.png
xLiner Pento 1.png

Marking has become easier, faster and more precise!

Xliner Pento 360 projects 2 verticals (one of them is 360°) and a 360° horizontal plane and laser dot (nadir).The planes are projected all over the perimeter of the object. Switch on required laser planes and work with the laser level without wasting time on moving or reinstalling it. Laser dot (nadir) helps to transfer the point marked on the floor to the ceiling.

Possibility to transfer marks on a “bottom-up” principle simplifies such works as installation of lighting fixtures, columns, holes for supply lines.

Projection of inclined planes

Xliner Pento 360 can project the laser lines at any angle. To activate the mode of projection of inclined planes just lock the compensator and set the laser level at required angle. This function will definitely be useful for installation of stair railings and staircases, decoration items and floor tiles.

xLiner Pento 360_004.png


Powerful laser diodes

Laser diodes in Xliner Pento 360 projects bright and thin laser lines. Such brightness is achieved thanks to high power of diodes supporting optimum visibility of the laser planes.

Increased working range

While designing Xliner Pento 360, it was possible to significantly increase the working range. The maximum distance for clear visibility of the laser line without distortion is 40 meters, with laser receiver – 100 meters.

Multifunctional tool

Xliner Pento 360 is the best assistant and indispensable instrument for professionals involved in construction, repair, design and other works including accurate layout of the room.

This multifunctional instrument is able to replace several tools: a level, a triangle and a plumb. The use of innovative laser level Xliner Pento 360 for construction, repair or design works will save a great deal of time and money.

xLiner Pento 1.png
xLiner Pento 360_Komplect.png

Standard package: laser level, Li-ion battery 2 pcs, charging cable, user manual, bag.


  • Working Range/with receiver 40/100 m
  • Leveling accuracy ±0,2 mm/m
  • Self-leveling range ± 3,5°
  • IP protection rate IP54
  • Thread for mounting on a tripod 1/4’’ and 5/8’’
  • Laser Class II 635 nm < 1 mW
  • Battery 7.4В 2600 mAh Li-ion
  • Battery life >18 h.
  • Operating temperature -10°C ... +50°C
  • Storage temperature -20°C ... +70°C
  • Dimensions 155x85x132 mm
  • Weight 0,63 kg/0,73 kg ohne without battery/with battery