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Laser level Xliner Pento 360G

Vendor code: 1-2-158

Warranty: 36 months

User manual

Laser level Xliner Pento 360G is another outstanding novelty in the Xliner series.

Developed in Russia, it combines innovative technical solutions and best traditions of predecessor models.

This convenient, multifunctional and reliable tool will significantly reduce the time of work on marking of rooms.

5 reasons to purchase laser level Xliner Pento 360G

Today, the tool market offers a wide range of laser levels, but it is difficult to choose a reliable, accurate and truly high-quality instrument from this variety. If you are not ready to spend money on an expensive tool with low-grade technical specifications, take a look at Xliner Pento 360G.

1. Laser level Xliner Pento 360G projects a 360 horizontal and 2 verticals (one of them is 360), laser dot (nadir).

2. Bluetooth module for remote control of the laser level using the free Xliner Remote APP on a smartphone or tablet.

3. Enhanced protection of the housing and low-wear materials make this laser level cold-proof, dust-proof and waterproof.

4. A replacement rechargeable battery ensures non-stop operation of the laser level for 20 hours.

5. Due to the structure of the human eye the green color of the laser beam seems much brighter than red, which makes marking more comfortable and extends the working range.

xLiner Pento 360G_008.png
xLiner Pento 360 G_smartphone.png

Remote control by the APP

One of the stronger advantages of Xliner Pento 360G is a Bluetooth module  for remote control of the laser level. No need to stop work to switch on required laser planes and adjust brightness of the laser. All this can be done using a free Xliner Remote App installed on your smartphone or tablet. It is convenient to operate Xliner Pento 360G remotely whether without a workmate or being far from the laser level.

Green laser

Laser level Xliner Pento 360G projects green lines, which is the most comfortable color for a human eye. With regard to the light output, having the same power, the red laser is significantly below the green one in equal lighting conditions. Under, Bright monochromatic lines projected by Xliner Pento 360G make marking more convenient and accurate, at the same time increasing the working range.

xLiner Pento 360G_009.png

Reliability and durability

Xliner Pento 360G features high level of protection against shock, dust and water. Thanks to the anti-slip pad, the device holds strongly in your hand.

The covers on the laser modules are made of metal and also protected by rubber pads. Unlike plastic, they will not break at impact or from falling.

The control panel is made of silicone. Such panel is stronger and more durable than membrane.

It won’t either crack in freezing temperatures or wear off in the course of time, or come off due to moisture and dampness.

With the Xliner Pento 360G, you can work even outdoors and in bad weather conditions, leaving the gloves on. Buttons are pressed easily, without much effort.

3 mounting options

Xliner Pento 360G has 2 types of tripod thread: 1/4’’and 5/8’’ which allows to install the instrument on all types of accessories and tripods applicable for laser levels. A hole for mounting on screw or nail provide more opportunities for operation of the Pento 360G. The laser level can be fixed on the wall, timber and other surfaces where you can drive a nail in or a self-tapping screw.

xLiner Pento 360G_mount_2.png
xLiner Pento acc.png

Two lithium-ion batteries (Li-ion)

Other laser levels of Xliner series are powered by common batteries. Xliner Pento 360G is equipped with 2 high capacity rechargeable batteries (2600mAh). Unlike common batteries, modern lithium-ion batteries can work at constant and high loads maintaining capacity for a long time (more than 8 hours for each battery).

Multifunctional tool

The scheme of laser planes is optimized for almost all types of construction, repair and design works. The second vertical plane gives the opportunity to install metal structures, built-in furniture or household appliances, tile laying and so on. A laser level of the new generation is indispensable for building of frame houses. A special element on the laser module projects a laser dot, which makes it possible to transfer marked points on the floor to the ceiling (this function is useful especially for installation of lighting), as well as check if the doorways and window units are accurately installed. Work all over the perimeter of the room without changing the position of the laser level.

xLiner Pento 360G_006.png
xLiner Pento 360G_007.png

Inclined planes and self-leveling

The laser level can align automatically at minor fluctuation and vibration. If the laser is out of the self-leveling range, it will signal a displacement. Lock the compensator to switch off this function and activate projection of inclined planes. Use it to for installation of staircase, slope of the roof, corner elements and decor. Turn the laser level upside down to make marks for tile laying, installation of laminate floor and other floor coverings.

Working range up to 100m!

Maximal working range of most laser levels is 20m and 60m with laser receiver.

The experts of CONDTROL research and development center managed to increase the working range to 60 m.

Improved laser level can be used for marking at 60m, 100 m with the laser receiver.

дектор зел.png
xLiner Pento 360G_003.png

Application of Xliner Pento 360G

- Leveling of floors and walls.

- Wallpapering.

- Installation of windows and doors.

- Filling coverings, installation of adjustable floors.

- Cabling.

- Installation of built-in furniture, household appliances.

- Laying tiles.

- Various construction, repair and design works.

Standard package: laser level, Li-ion battery 2 pcs, charging cable, user manual, bag.

xLiner Pento 360G_case.png


  • Working Range/with receiver 60/100 m*
  • Leveling accuracy ±0,2 mm/m
  • Self-leveling range ± 3,5°
  • IP protection rate IP54
  • Thread for mounting on a tripod 1/4’’ and 5/8’’
  • Laser Class II 515 nm < 1 mW
  • Battery 7.4V 2600 mAh Li-ion
  • Battery life >8 hour
  • Operating temperature -10° C ... +50° C
  • Storage temperature -20° C...+70° C
  • Dimensions 155 x 85 x 132 mm
  • Weight 0,63 kg/0,73 kg ohne without battery/with battery