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Vendor code: 7-2-092

Warranty: 36 months

Rotech HVR 300x300_1.png

Rotary laser Rotech HVR

Rotech HVR is a new CONDTROL rotary laser. This model has 400 m working range and high accuracy. In projects not only planes, but also zenith and nadir dots. Rotech HVR is equipped with high-capacity Li-Ion battery that provides continouos operation for 35 hours. This model is perfect for operation at large-scale facilities and open areas.


●Control via Roto Remote mobile App
●Self-levelling along X and Y axis
●Laser plumb (zenith and nadir)
●Digital receiver with display
●Rotation speed adjustment
●Selection of scanning sector
●Accuracy 3-5 times higher than line laser levels
●Shock-proof housing and rubber handles with damping function
●Protection against dust and water (IP 55)
●Li-Ion battery
●Warranty up to 3 years

Rotech HVR 300x300_7.png
Rotech HVR functional 300x300_4.png

High accuracy and large working range

●Accuracy of this model is 0.1 mm/m. All Rotech HVR levels go through 2 stages of calibration: at the factory and in service centers, so the actual technical specifications correspond to those stated in the user manual.
●Rotech HVR has 400 m working range. The red laser is perfectly detected by the receiver at a distance of up to 200 m.

Easy operation and wide functionality

Even a person without specialized education will manage to operate this model. Rotech HVR makes pouring a concrete floor, laying foundation and floor levelling faster and easier.
●The laser projects a horizontal plane at 360º, as well as zenith and nadir points. To build a vertical plane, just turn the device on its side.
●Rotech HVR can either self-level at up to 5º, or project inclined planes.
●Adjustment of rotation speed (0, 120, 300, 600 rpm). The higher the speed, the easier it is for a receiver to detect the beam. High speed is more suitable for outdoor work. Lower rotation speeds make the beam perfect for indoor use.
●Setting the scanning sector from 0º to 180º is useful for working on a small section of the wall, when there is no need to build a plane around the entire perimeter of the room.
●Rotech HVR has a 5/8" thread for tripod and universal mount.

Rotech HVR blth 300x300_5.png
Rotech HVR 300x300_8.png

Remote control from smartphone

Rotech HVR has Bluetooth-module that allows you to control the level remotely using a smartphone. Just install a free Roto Remote mobile app (available on Google Play and App Store) and control operation of your device:
● monitor the battery charge level;
● switch operating modes of the level;
● select the scanning sector and the rotation speed of the emitter;
● set the inclination angle.
You can operate Rotech HVR using your smartphone at a distance of up to 90 m from the rotary level. You don’t have to constantly change settings by pressing buttons on the laser or call a partner for help.

Li-ion battery

Rotech HVR has a Li-Ion battery with 4000 mAh capacity. It is enough to work 35 hours without recharging the battery. Li-Ion batteries have the following advantages:
● low percentage of self-discharge. If you charge it and then don’t use it for a whole year, the battery will only be discharged by 10-20%;
● wide operating temperature range from -20 ºC to +50 ºC.

Rotech HVR LI-ION 300x300_6.png
Rotech HVR IP 55 300x300_9.png

Ready for use in harsh environment

● Rotech HVR has a robust housing with shock-absorbing rubber parts.
● The laser emitter is securely protected by a rubber-coated cap.
● Ergonomic platform with 4 handles not only makes transportation more convenient, but also protects the device from impacts and falls.
● The sealed housing is protected from moisture and dust (IP55): it is not afraid of splashes and jets of water.

Delivery package: rotary laser, platform with 4 handles, universal mount, charger, laser detector, mount for laser detector, glasses, target, plastic case, instructions.

Rotech HVR complect 300x300_7.png


  • Working Range/with receiver 400 m
  • Leveling accuracy 20” (±0,1 mm/m)
  • Self-leveling range ±5°
  • Battery life 35h
  • IP protection rate IP55
  • Thread for mounting on a tripod 5/8"
  • Laser Class II 630-685 nm < 1 mW
  • Battery 7,4V 4000mah Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Operating temperature 20°C ~ +50°C
  • Storage temperature 20°C ~ +50°C
  • Dimensions 204 X 202 X 202 mm
  • Weight 2,17 kg