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Vendor code: 7-2-096

Warranty: 36 months

User manual


Rotary laser Digi Roto HVR CONDTROL is designed for high-precision planning and creating slopes. This multifunctional instrument is indispensable for road construction works, house building, excavation works, landscape design, where reliability and precision of measuring instrument plays is very important for the quality and project delivery time.

Strong points

A wide range of functions and high build quality will be highly estimated by the buyers. Digi Roto HVR compares favorably with analogs with regards to characteristics important for professionals:

• High accuracy — ± 0,09 mm/m.

• Digital receiver with millimeter scale.

• LCD to indicate adjusted slope

• IP rate IP67.

• Ergonomic design of the housing.

• Favorable and practical scope of delivery.


Fast and accurate!

With rotary laser Digi Roto HVR it is more convenient to do inclined marking compared to other rotary lasers without LCD. The user can adjust the slope angle as accurately and quickly as it is possible (within ±10%).

Digital slope along the X and Y axes allows to project support axis at adjusted slope, which is displayed on the LCDs of the rotary laser and remote control.

Digital receiver is included in the set

Laser receiver X-act Roto extends the working range of the rotary laser to 600 m. Thanks to its LCD the user can control the position of the laser line on both sides of the housing.  

Unlike standard laser receivers with arrows ↑↓, it has a long sensor range (±45 mm from level marks) and millimeter scale. High dust/moisture protection rate IP65 provides reliable operation of the receiver in any working conditions. Learn more about advantages and technical features of X-act Roto on its page.


Wide range functions

Digi Roto HVR can self-level in both horizontal and vertical position thanks to servomotor with highly sensitive electronic sensors. Laser dots (zenith and nadir) allows to transfer marking from the floor to the ceiling.

High IP rate

The housing of Digi Roto HVR is reliably protected from water, dust, dirt and small particles. Thanks to IP 67, this rotary laser is made to work in severe conditions at the construction site.


Excellent quality of assembly

Rotary laser is equipped with metal cover which protects rotating laser head in case the laser is dropped or hit. Rubberized housing has anti-slip and shockproof properties. Control panel is made of strong cold-, water- and abrasion-resistant material.

Favorable scope of delivery

Apart from digital receiver X-act Roto, there are laser intensive glasses that increase visibility of the laser line and magnetic target board.


For professionals

Digi Roto HVR — innovative and multifunctional instrument, intended for: 

— Subgrading;

— Installation of foundations, walls, stairs, screed, formwork

— Construction of car parking, driveways, terraces;

— Finishing work (installation of stretch ceilings, thermal insulation or decorative tiles);

— Glazing of building facades and many more.

Delivery package: rotary laser – 1 pc., battery (4000 mAh SC Ni-MH 1.2 V) – 4 pcs. battery (АМ-2 type LR14 С, 1,5 V) – 4 pcs., charger – 1 pc., laser receiver – 1 pc., clamp for fixing laser receiver – 1 pc, remote control – 1 pc., laser intensive glasses – 1 pc., magnetic target board – 1 pc., user manual – 1 pc., plastic case – 1 pc.



  • Working Range/with receiver 600m (in diameter)
  • Leveling accuracy 18” (±0.09 mm/1 m)
  • Self-leveling range ±5°
  • Battery life 20 h
  • IP protection rate IP67
  • Thread for mounting on a tripod 5/8"
  • Laser Class II 635 nm < 1 mW
  • Battery Rechargeable battery 4 x 4000 mAh SC Ni-MH 1.2 V and alkaline battery 4 x AM-2 (LR14) type С, 1.5 V
  • Operating temperature -20° C...+50° C
  • Storage temperature -30 °C…+60 °C
  • Dimensions 206 X 206 X 211 mm
  • Weight 3 kg