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Vendor code: 7-2-087

Warranty: 36 Monate

User manual

Rotary laser Roto HG is another outstanding novelty in Roto series. This easy-to-use and reliable instrument combines innovative technical solutions and the best traditions of predecessor models designed by CONDTROL. Rotary laser is specially made for use in construction works, repair, and landscape design.

Why this particular rotary laser?

Easy-to-use rotary laser Roto HG has a wide range of functions and other significant features important for professionals. 

• Remote control via Bluetooth and free mobile APP;

• Laser receiver with digital scale;

• Totally simple operation. Just 3 buttons!

• 3-times higher accuracy compared to cross line lasers;

• Shockproof, dust- and waterproof housing;

• Li-ion rechargeable battery.

Innovative device control

Roto HG is equipped with Bluetooth for remote control of the rotary laser. It is the only rotary laser on the market with such feature that significantly expands functionality of the rotary laser. The user doesn’t have to interrupt the workflow to adjust rotation speed or scanning sector and control operation of the laser. All these functions can be operated remotely via free APP “ROTO REMOTE” installed on your smartphone or tablet. This function will be useful in case the user has no work mate or if the user works remotely from the rotary laser.

High accuracy digital receiver included.

Laser receiver X-act Roto with readable sensor range within ±45 mm is included in the delivery package of this rotary laser. It compares favorably with standard receivers with arrows ↑↓.

Thanks to 2-sided LCD and audio indication the user can control the position of laser line on both sides of the receiver housing.  This receiver features high IP rate (IP65) and 2 options of mounting:

• Inbuilt magnets for fixing on metal surface;

• Clamp for fixing on leveling staff.

Li-ion battery

With regards to battery life Roto HG is a champion in its price category. This is the only instrument in its class equipped with powerful li-ion rechargeable battery. Capacity of Li-ion is 2 times higher than that of Ni-MH batteries. Li-ion batteries can work under continuous and high loads without losing capacity for  up to 25 hours.

Robust and shockproof

Compared to most rotary laser featuring similar technical properties, the build quality of Roto HG is very high. The housing is made of wear-resistant material with shock-absorbing properties. Dust and moisture protection rate is IP55. With such IP rate rotary laser is well protected from dust, water splashes and other negative factors typical for work at construction site.

Multifunctional instrument

Rotary laser Roto HG projects a 360° horizontal plane, tilted plane and laser dots (zenith, nadir) to transfer marks from floor to ceiling. Thanks to self-leveling mode there’s no need to adjust the position of the rotary laser. Rotary laser allows to set a scanning sector (5 options) and adjust rotating speed (0, 120, 300, 600 rpm). Its operating range – up to 500m in diameter – is optimal for construction works.

Easy to use

It is very simple! There are only 3 buttons to operate this rotary laser. Extra functions are available on mobile APP. Electronic sensors and servo motors ensure automatic leveling of this rotary laser. Two mounting options provide more possibilities for operation with rotary laser. Roto HG can be set on a tripod or fixed on the wall.

Rotary laser CONDTROL Roto HG represents a new generation of laser instruments that can lift up the quality of work to a higher level and optimize material and labor resources.

Delivery package: Rotary laser – 1 pc. Universal mount – 1pc. Charger – 1 pc. Laser receiver – 1 pc. Mount for laser receiver – 1 pc. Laser intensive glasses – 1 pc. Magnetic target board – 1 pc. User manual – 1 pc. Plastic case – 1 pc.


  • Working Range/with receiver 500 m
  • Leveling accuracy 30” (±0,15 mm/m)
  • Self-leveling range ±5°
  • Battery life 25h
  • IP protection rate IP55
  • Thread for mounting on a tripod 5/8"
  • Laser Class II 515-520 nm < 1 mW
  • Battery 2 x 4000mah Li-ion 7,4V rechargeable battery
  • Operating temperature 20°C ~ +50°C
  • Storage temperature 20°C ~ +50°C
  • Dimensions 150 X 128 X 161 mm
  • Weight 1,5 kg