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HYDRO PRO CONDTROL — moisture meter

Vendor code: 3-14-013

Warranty: 36 months

User manual

Hydro Pro _заглавное фото 300х300.png

CONDTROL Hydro Pro is a moisture meter, which allows to determine humidity level in wood and building materials within a few seconds. Its operation is based on the conductance-measuring method, which determines the moisture content of materials based on their conductivity. The main difference from the analogs is that Hydro Pro CONDTROL has three humidity sensors, as well as the ability to connect an additional remote sensor to measure relative humidity and air temperature, dew point and equilibrium moisture content of wood.

The main advantages of Hydro Pro:

- three humidity sensors

- the ability to connect the external temperature and humidity sensor

- the measurement does not damage the surface of the material

- built-in calibration dependencies

- rechargeable batteries

- 320x240 pixels color LCD.

Hydro Pro _с датчиком 300х300.png
Hydro Pro _применение 300х300.png

The moisture meter Hydro Pro is an excellent solution for those users who need a professional, high quality instrument for measuring the moisture content of wood and building materials. It will be useful for builders, woodworkers, joiners and will be a reliable assistant in the work of: woodworking plants, parquet factories, furniture factories, laminated lumber factories, molded products, window and door factories, panel furniture factories and many other enterprises.

Standard package: moisture meter, pouch, hand strap, batteries, micro-USB charger, user manual.

Hydro Pro _комплектация 300х300.png


  • Humidity measuring range (max.):
  • Wood and woodworks (420-700 kg/m³)2.0-65.0%;
  • Gypsum 1400 kg/m³0.1-35.0%;
  • Screed (cement-sand) 1700 kg/m³0.1-35.0%;
  • Concrete 1800 kg/m³0.1-35.0%;
  • Concrete 2000 kg/m³0.1-35.0%;
  • Concrete 2200 kg/m³0.1-20.0%;
  • Concrete 2400 kg/m³0.1-10.0%;
  • Permissible absolute accuracy of moisture meter when measuring humidity, %:
  • Wood and woodworks (420-700 kg/m³)2.0-65.0% / ±1,5-3,0%;
  • Gypsum 1400 kg/m³±1.5%;
  • Screed (cement-sand) 1700 kg/m³±1.5%;
  • Concrete 1800 kg/m³±1.5%;
  • Concrete 2000 kg/m³±1.5%;
  • Concrete 2200 kg/m³±0.9%;
  • Concrete 2400 kg/m³±0.9%;
  • Internal memory 50 values
  • Operating temperature +5… +40 °С
  • Battery 3х AAA 800mAh 1.2V Ni-MH rechargeable
  • Dimensions 150x59x28 mm
  • Weight 170 g