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Hydro Test — moisture meter


Vendor code: 3-14-022

Warranty: 24 months

User manual

CONDTROL HYDRO Test is a moisture meter that allows to determine humidity level in wood and building materials. Operation of HYDRO Test moisture meter is based on conductometric method, which determines the moisture content of materials based on their conductivity.

Fast measurement

CONDTROL HYDRO Test is able to determine the moisture content in wood, lightweight concrete, screed, lime mortar, sand-cement mortar in a matter of seconds. Just remove the protective cover and immerse both electrodes in the material. Measurement results will appear on the screen in 1-2 seconds.

Easy to use

CONDTROL HYDRO Test has three buttons only: the lower button for power on, the middle one for holding the measurement results on the display and selecting the temperature unit (C ° or F), the upper one for selecting the material.

Automatic shutdown

In order to save battery power, there is automatic shutdown, which is activated in 2 minutes of unuse.

● measurement of moisture content in wood, lightweight concrete, screed, lime mortar, sand-cement mortar;

● easy to use;

● automatic shutdown.

Moisture meter CONDTROL HYDRO Test is useful for builders, woodworkers, carpenters and will become a reliable assistant in work on:

- woodworking factories;

- factories producing parquet;

- furniture factories;

- factories of laminated timber;

- production of molded products;

- production of windows and doors;

- factories producing panel furniture and many other enterprises.

Moisture meter CONDTROL HYDRO Test is an excellent solution for those who need a high-quality and affordable moisture meter for measuring moisture content in wood and building materials.

Standard package: moisture meter, battery, user manual.



  • Humidity measuring range (max.):
  • Wood6 - 44 %;
  • Cement screed1.4 - 7.4 %;
  • Anhydride screed0.0 - 4.1 %;
  • Cement mortar0.8 - 5.1 %;
  • Lime mortar0.4 - 3.7 %;
  • Brick0.0 - 8.5 %;
  • Limits of permissible absolute accuracy of moisture meter when measuring humidity ±2%
  • Operating temperature 0…+40 °C
  • Battery 1 x 6F22/6LR61 9V
  • Storage temperature 0…+45 °C
  • Dimensions 135*50*32 mm
  • Weight 65 g