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CONDTROL IR-T2 — infrared thermometer


Vendor code: 3-16-027

Warranty: 36 months

User manual

IR-T2 CONDTROL is an infrared thermometer equipped with air temperature and humidity sensors as well as infrared sensor for measurement of object surface temperature, which together with the dew point function, allows to detect the places of condensation concentration and mold formation.

Indoor climate control

Thanks to dew point function, humidity and air temperature sensors, infrared surface temperature sensor it has become easier to localize potential mold growth.

Budget saving

Cold bridges cause heat leakage and increased heating costs. They cannot be seen by the naked eye. IR-T2 detects hidden heat leakage just by pressing the button.

For hard-to-reach, invisible places

An immersion thermocouple sensor allows to measure temperature inside the object - whether it is a tank with a liquid, wall insulation or unsealed window opening. Air conditioning systems can be inspected too.
Thanks to UV light, it is possible to detect wet spots on the walls and ceiling. It allows to localize areas of high humidity and condensation.
Standard package: infrared thermometer, thermocouple, pouch, battery, user manual.


  • Temperature measuring range -50…800°C
  • Accuracy of surface temperature ±(1.5% +20°C)
  • Accuracy of relative humidity ±4%
  • Accuracy of dew point temperature ±1.5°С
  • Optical resolution 12:1
  • Emissivity 0.1…1.0
  • Laser Class II, 630-670nm, <1 mW
  • Battery 9V (6F22)
  • Operating temperature 0…40°C
  • Storage temperature -10…60°С
  • Dimensions 104x48x165 mm
  • Weight 0.2 kg