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CONDTROL IR-CAM3 — thermal imager

Vendor code: 3-17-022

Warranty: 36 months

User manual


CONDTROL IR-CAM3 is a universal device with the resolution of infrared image 256*192px. It is designed for measuring and visualizing the temperature distribution on the surface of the objects within the range from -20°C up to +550°C. The thermal imager has been developed according to the innovative technical solutions that allowed to optimize its price. It allows to quickly and accurately identify places of heat leakage, detecting areas of overheating of various objects and wiring, as well as evaluating thermal insulation properties of building structures.


Advantages of CONDTROL IR-CAM 3

• High resolution of infrared image (256Х192px);

• Thermal sensitivity (NETD) 40 mK;

• Dust and water protected, shockproof housing. Withstand a fall from a height up to 2 meters;

• The highest and the lowest temperature alarm;

• Wide measuring range: -20°С…+550°С.


New colour palette and LCD

The amount of tones of the colour palette has been extended to make the visualization better. Additional colours allow to detect the temperature difference more accurately. The CONDTROL IR-CAM3 colour palette consists of 7 tones: white hot, black hot, iron, lava, rainbow, rainbow HC and black red. LCD with resolution 320*240 provides a clear and detailed image.


Effective monitoring of the production process

CONDTROL IR-CAM3 is a reliable, easy-to-use, light and accurate device. The improved thermal imager will significantly reduce time spent on monitoring the temperature.


Monitoring of temperature limits

The highest and the lowest temperature alarm will let you detect the overheated details in constructions quickly. In addition, you can find temperature deviations on the surface of remote objects such as switchboards, air-conditioning systems, boilers, etc.

Maximal accuracy

All objects emit thermal energy. The volume of energy depends on the surface temperature and emission degree of the object. The CONDTROL IR-CAM3 thermal imager measures intensity of emission and uses it to calculate the temperature of the object. Objects with different surfaces at the same temperature emit different amount of thermal energy. Most of the items and materials such as painted metals, wood, water, leather and fabric have high emissivity and emit more energy that shiny surfaces and unpainted metals. Adjustment of emission value allows the device to take this feature into account and to minimize the measurement error.


Data transfer to PC

You can transfer the measurement results to your PC or tablet with the help of USB type-C charging cable provided in the delivery package. The data import function allows to do a detailed image analysis and to generate reports.


Memory card 16 Gb included

The thermal imager delivery package includes a memory card that you can use to store thermograms. The CONDTROL IR-CAM3 can store up to 160 thousand images! If necessary, you can delete the images stored in the memory card.


LED light

Two bright LEDs are designed for comfortable operation with dark objects. LED light provides harder and clearer image when fusion of IR and visible mode selected.


Easy-to-use and universal device

The IR-CAM 3 thermal imager has an intelligent intuitive user interface and a higher thermal sensitivity that allows to detect the smallest details. The tool is equipped with two camera modes: visible image and IR image. The possibility of fusion of the images helps solve different problems with temperature diagnostics such as:

— Detecting defects of air-conditioning systems, power, water and heat supplies;

— Checking thermal insulation, identifying places of heat leakage and cold joints;

— Diagnostics of the degree of wear of engineering systems;

— Quality control check of construction materials, laying and joints.


Delivery package: thermal imager, USB type-C cable, memory SD card 16 Gb, user manual.


  • Display LC display 2.8ʺ inch
  • Resolution of infrared image 256×192 (49152) Px
  • Accuracy -10°C…100°C - ±2 °C; 100°C …330°C - ±2 %
  • Resolution of visible image 2 mega pixels
  • Viewing angle/shortest focal distance 56°×42°
  • Thermal sensitivity 0.04°С
  • Temperature measuring range -20°С…+550°С
  • Emissivity 0.01…1.00
  • Modes of blending IR and visible image 7 options
  • Memory 16 Gb
  • Battery Rechargeable Li-ion 3.6В 5000 mAh
  • Operating temperature 0 °С…+50 °С
  • Storage temperature -20 °С…+60 °С
  • Dimensions 92x75x237 mm
  • Weight 0.52 kg.