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Wall Pro CONDTROL — wall scanner

Vendor code: 3-12-014

Warranty: 36 months

User manual

Wall Pro CONDTROL is a scanner designed for detection of construction utilities hidden in drywall and wood:
- Pipes (plastic, reinforced plastic, copper, steel),
- Steel and wooden wall frames,
- Electric wiring.
The device features four scan modes indicated on a wide illuminated LCD.
Wall Pro CONDTROL emits both sound and visual signals as soon as it identifies not only the edge but the center of a hidden structure. For greater convenience, having detected a hidden structure, the device projects a beam which defines its exact location. Therefore, you can scan through an entire wall and visualize all hidden utilities and structures.


  • Detection depth 50 mm
  • Maximum scanning depth:
  • Wood38 mm;
  • Magnetic metals76 mm;
  • Non-magnetic metals38 mm;
  • Live wires50 mm;
  • Battery 9V
  • Dimensions 189х83х38 mm
  • Weight 240 g